We’ve moved, again.

I’ve made another move, this one in the really real world. The house I was renting got put on the market and I had to move on shorter notice than I was expecting, and so I ended up about 10 miles farther North, in a little town called McKinney. A town I just so happened to be born in. It’s on all kinds of “Safest City” & “Best Suburb” lists, and I’m happy to report that the restaurants on the revamped Downtown Square do not disappoint.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix Watercolor

I’ve been back to work about two weeks now and finally have a moment to stop, catch my breath and update the site a bit. Speaking of, there are about a dozen new pieces in the Commission gallery with more coming soon. I also had time to play around with some watercolors during the packing process and did a few practice pieces including the Dark Phoenix you can see here.

Oh, and those commissions are now officially open!

Idealoop Home Office Concept

I recently had the chance to help one of my clients and good friends develop the concept for their new home office.


It all started with some basic sketches from my buddy Chris.



I took his notes and started sketching the basic layout to give myself an idea of how it would all fit together.


Once I had the basics down I decided to move it into SketchUp for better accuracy.


Once I was happy with the model and had approval from Chris I exported an image and started in on the final artwork.


Aside from the first sketch this project was 100% digital so editing and adding in elements or tweaking things was very easy to do.



Once the lineart was complete it was time to throw down the base color flats.

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The Art of Warlick at Dallas Comic Con’s Sci-Fi Expo

As the featured image from this post suggests I will be at the Dallas Comic Con Sci-Fi Expo the weekend of February 8th and 9th at the Irving Convention Center. As has become tradition for the past few years (for better or worse) I will be upstairs in the 3rd Floor Artist Alley at table #303. All the way in the back. Come track me down and mention this post and I’ll have a freebie for you.

sci fi expo

The Dallas Comic Con Sci-Fi Expo runs Saturday, February 8th from 11am to 7pm and Sunday Februay 9th from 11am to 5pm. For more info visit the Dallas Comic Con website.

Man of Tomorrow Speed Illustration

In the ongoing quest to document my process and gain art fans through YouTube I’ve got another timelapse/speed drawing video in the can, this one of  everyone’s favorite illegal alien, Superman. The Man of Steel. Clark Kent. Kal-El. The original  Man of Tomorrow.

This is about 4 hours of work and was completed 100% on the pixel-box. The initial sketch, which I didn’t record, took about an hour or so. You can see the finished piece here.

Superman Commission

January brings with it 2014′s first commission, a throwback-style Superman piece. You can check it out on my DeviantArt profile here, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Click for larger view

This was completed for the same client who commissioned the Uuru Mystic piece and was given as a birthday present to one of their good friends. The next theme on the commission list is a toss-up between Dr. Who or Star Trek.

Soft-Launch | Art of Warlick

If you visit the blog often you’ll notice that we’ve made a small switch over from the soulcore.net domain to the new and condensed ArtOfWarlick.com. A while ago my good buddy Luan pondered aloud why I had never done an “Art Of War” riff with my brand. I’ve been rolling it around  in my head ever since and decided a few weeks ago that it was the direction I wanted to go.  I’ve stuck with Soulcore.net out of habit and nostalgia for more than a decade (this site has been live in one form or another since 1998!) but I felt it was time to put away childish aliases and proudly and boldy start using my real name on the artwork I create.

So without further ado, welcome to The Art of Warlick.The Art Of Warlick

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